Xtreme Jupiter 2:1 Multimedia Speaker Price in Bangladesh



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Speaker Usage Standard
Speaker Type Multimedia
Total Speaker 2 : 1 Speaker
Total Power 40-watt
Satellite Speaker 2
Subwoofer 1
Audio Input Wired, USB, Bluetooth
Noise Ratio >70dB
Frequency 120Hz to 20KHz
Remote Control Yes
Power Source Electric up to 230V at 50Hz
Memory Card No
Dimension Satellites-100 x 162 x 102 mm & Subwoofer-260 x 270 x 320mm


Extra Features

  • Drivers
  • Separation is less than 40dB
  • Output power


Xtreme Jupiter 2:1 multimedia speaker has a 20W + 10W x 2 output power. This speaker requires 230V power at 50Hz. Its satellite frequency response is 120Hz to 20KHz and its subwoofer frequency response is about 20Hz to 170Hz. This multimedia speaker is perfect for a desktop additional speaker.



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