OLAX AX6 Pro 4G LTE Router with SIM Slot Price in Bangladesh



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Router Type Wired Router
Antenna 2 Antenna
LAN Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet Port
Ports 1 x L AN
Wi-Fi 2.4G & 5G
Speed LTE 150Mbps, Wi-Fi 300Mbps
Protocol Wi-Fi 802.11g, Wi-Fi 802.11b, Wi-Fi 802.11n
Range Up to 100-Meters Coverage
Security WPA2-PSK, WPA2, WPA


AX6 PRO Extra Features

  • Insert the SIM and SD card slot
  • 4000mAh battery capacity
  • Can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi users
  • 150Mbps wired transfer rate
  • 3000Mbps 2.4G Wi-Fi transmission rate
  • It can cover up to 100-meters without any obstacle
  • SMA 2 antenna
  • IEEE802.11b/g/n standards
  • VoIP, FireWall, QoS function
  • Encryption type is WPA2-PSK, WPA2, WPA
  • It is easier to work without a network cable connecting to your computer via Wi-Fi is fast and convenient

AX6 PRO Description

The OLAX AX6 pro 4G LTE router is a wireless gateway that connects LTE and high-speed Ethernet uplink access. This router can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. It has a WPS button with a voice function and a SIM card slot, and USB port. It is a high-speed 150mbps 4g LTE Wi-Fi router with a massive 4000mAh battery capacity. And can run up to 6 hours in a row.


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